Important to know

1. Advance car rent reservations are accepted for a longer than 1 day period. Do you need a car for less than 1 day? If so, please, contact us less than one day before the beginning of car rent and we will give you an offer.

2. A short period of car rent (1-3 days) is the most expensive. However, Carsrent24 is loyal for its customers and provides huge discounts.

3. All car rent prices include all taxes, insurance and technical assistance on the road 24 hours a day. If you rent a car for more than 16 days, we will offer a special, long-term car rent price. The price of car delivery can differ depending on car delivery/pick up location and time. Usually, car delivery is free of charge.

4. Deposit is charged for all Carsrent24 cars. Deposit is taken during car pick up as a guarantee. Deposit, as well as payment for a car rent, is accepted in various currencies and by bank cards.

5. Cars rented by Carsrent24 are delivered with a full fuel tank. Thus, the car must be returned with a full fuel tank as well. There is no problem if you rushed and forgot to fill the tank. We will estimate the amount of missing fuel and you will have to pay our employee who picks up the car.

6. It is prohibited to use fuel of unknown origin or agricultural fuel for rented cars.

7. If the car broke down or you feel that something is wrong, you should call us any time by phone +370 616 22202. Do not try to eliminate defects yourselves. Leave this work for professionals. All rented cars have a free of charge assistance on the road.

8. Let’s live healthy. Please, do not smoke inside the rented car! It harms not only your health, but the health of others around you.

9. Is you plane late? Don’t worry. Carsrent24 constantly follows flight information on the internet.

10. Carsrent24 meets its customers at the main arrival hall at the airport. Our employee will hold the note “Carsrent24”. So, just say “Hello” to our employee. A reserved car will wait you at the parking lot. You will not have to pay for car parking, because car parking fees are paid by us. If you cannot find our employee, just call us by phone +370 616 22202 and we will find him/her. A cup of coffee will be offered for you as a compensation for waiting.

11. If a car rented by you has been stolen, you must return original car keys and documents. Thus, it is recommended not to leave documents and car keys inside the car.

12. You will not be responsible in case of mechanic breakdown of a rented car.

13. In case of unexpected circumstances (car breakdown, car accident, etc.), Carsrent24 has a right to replace rented car with a new one from the same of higher car class.

14. When car rental time is coming to end, please, tell us car return time by phone +370 616 22202.

15. Carsrent24, which is your company for a car rent, wishes you safe and convenient trip!!!




RENTED CARS. Cars rented by are technically perfect and reliable. Our motto “Holidays without worries” reflects company visions, strategies and our attitude towards a client.

Since we are not protected from unexpected problems or technical malfunctions, we reserve a right to replace the car you reserved to a car of the same or higher class under advance agreement with you. The colour of the car you reserved may change, since we have more than one car of the same model for rent.

BREAKDOWN OF THE CAR. In case of technical breakdown, we guarantee to react to the problem and breakdown immediately. If breakdown cannot be eliminated within 24 hours, we will provide another car for you. Our cars are maintained by specialized services; therefore, the chances of breakdown are minimal. Cars are constantly tested and maintained.

PERIOD OF CAR RENT. One day is the minimum period of car rent. If you want to rent a car for a period longer than three months, we can offer exceptional long-term car rent conditions and prices.

CAR RENT PRICE. Car rent prices are indicated in LTL and EUR per day. Car rent day means 24 hours from the pickup of the car. All the prices are final: there are no additional or hidden fees. Car rent price includes vehicle civil liability insurance, KASKO insurance, technical assistance on the road 24 hours, VAT and all other fees. Delivery fee can be charged in exceptional cases only (when the car must be delivered out of the working hours, etc.).

DEPOSIT FOR RENTED CAR. Only LTL 500 is taken as minimal deposit for rented car.

INSURANCE. All cars which are offered and rented by CARSRENT24 are insured with vehicle compulsory civil liability insurance and KASKO insurance valid in all European countries.

KASKO insurance of rented car in case of car accident will cover all damage caused to the rented car, regardless of who causes the accident.

KASKO insurance of rented car in case of car theft will cover all damage in case of car theft. Compulsory condition: the documents and keys of the rented car must be delivered to the renter; otherwise, the incident shall not be considered as theft.

UNCONDITIONAL FRANCHISE – LTL 500 for cars and LTL1000 for cargo and microbuses.

DRIVING RESTRICTIONS FOR RENTED CARS: 1 year minimum driving experience is needed for driving a rented car, while 3 years of experience is required for driving rented passenger and cargo microbuses. Driving abroad with a rented car is only possible upon written consent of the renter. A fine of LTL 4000 shall be imposed for wilful departure abroad without renter’s permission.

MILEAGE RESTRICTIONS. No mileage restrictions are applied on cars rented for a period of at least 3 days or longer period and for driving within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania. In other cases, it shall be agreed between the parties.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER. There is no fee for additional driver. The data of an additional driver must be provided before signing car rent agreement. It is strictly forbidden to allow another person drive the rented car, who is not included in the car rent agreement.

DOCUMENTS. In order to conclude car rent agreement, personal identification document and valid driver’s licence must be provided.


The cars are picked up / returned at Vilnius and Kaunas Airports.

- Car pick up / return is possible in Kaunas and Vilnius at the address specified by the client.

- Car pick up / return is possible in the entire Lithuania under agreement.

FUEL. All the cars rented are picked up with full tank and must be returned with full tank as well. In case the car is not returned with a full tank, the approximate amount of missing fuel will be estimated according to car fuel tank capacity and the client will have to pay the missing fuel in accordance with valid retail fuel prices.

METHODS OF PAYMENT FOR CAR RENT. You can pay for car rent by bank transfer or cash during car pick up. We accept various currencies according to valid exchange rate.

CAR RENT RESERVATION. It has never been so simple!!!

You can book a car by the following phone numbers:

In Lithuania: +370 616 22202; +370 616 22201

In Ireland: +353 863488071

In the United Kingdom: +44 7455664053

You can book a car at the website and by e-mail

As soon as you reserve a car for rent, you will receive a reservation form with all the necessary information by e-mail.

RESERVATION FEE / DEPOSIT. In order to complete car rent reservation, LTL 100 (EUR 30) is charged and included into car rent price. We will inform you about the receipt of the reservation fee by e-mail.